Portable Security Trailers

Secure Coverage, Anywhere on Your Site.

Builders, construction companies and commercial real estate developers need to protect their assets when sites are unmanned. Our portable security trailers are the ideal solution. Here’s what you can expect from these surveillance devices.


Camera Coverage

Each of our portable security trailers comes with four cameras to maximize coverage. The range of each camera is 330 feet, which ensures camera visibility is concentrated on high risk areas while still monitoring spots that intruders may think are "hidden." The portability of the unit enables you to place it in the optimal position for your site and move it when needed. 

Video Analytics

Analytics go well beyond the limitations of traditional video monitoring. Advanced video analytics use artificial intelligence to analyze the subject on video and calculate the level of security risk present. The AI includes pixel modification formulas and other proprietary, non-traditional algorithms that zoom in on subjects and assess the risk level in seconds.

Interactive Response

Our portable security trailers are equipped with blue and red strobe lights, which draw attention to an intrusion by flashing when an intrusion triggers the unit to signal. At the same time, the signal alerts the monitoring center, where a live security agent will verify the event as an intrusion. The agent will issue a warning over the loudspeaker, or play a pre-recorded message that prompts the intruder to flee. 

Police Dispatch

If the subject does not flee, the live security agent will quickly dispatch police to the site. Because police departments favor video verification’s ability to eliminate false alarms, officers are likely to arrive at the scene faster when the security breach has been verified by a monitoring center. Monitored portable security trailers can deliver that video verification. 

Mobile Viewing of Your Site from Anywhere

With the SecurityTrailers.com app from our partners at Davantis, you can access every construction site and perform common actions quickly and easily.


View multiple camera trailers
at once.

Site Management

Arm and disarm input devices.

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