Should You Buy or Lease a Solar Security Trailer?

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Our solar-powered, monitored security trailers provide a way for construction industry professionals to reduce incremental losses of building materials, power tools and other assets due to theft, while also protecting their construction sites from the devastation of vandalism. But for many builders, contractors and construction project managers, one of the first questions that comes to mind is: For this type of security solution, is it better to opt for a purchase or a lease? As you budget for the investment, this essential information on both options may be helpful.   

Buying a Solar Security Trailer for Construction

Buying a solar-powered security trailer could make sense for some builders. We typically only recommend this option to construction enterprises that have full annual schedules, consistently robust profits and plenty of available capital at their disposal. Because the upfront costs of buying a solar security trailer can be most quickly recouped by a highly profitable project completed on a short timetable, it’s only a cost effective option for builders that meet these specific criteria. 

Leasing a Solar Security Trailer for Construction 

For the majority of construction companies with immediate security needs, leasing a solar-powered security trailer is the more economical option. Typically, the upfront cost of leasing or renting a security trailer is less than 10% of the cost of purchasing one. By leasing from us as opposed to buying, a company can operationalize the expense and protect their project budget. Most customers find a monthly fee far more manageable, as it is typically a fraction of their monthly revenue. 

Other Reasons To Lease a Solar Security Trailer 

At Security Trailers, we believe leasing our product is the more practical option for a variety of reasons. Other pros of the lease option include the following. 

Preservation of Capital

For many of today’s residential and commercial builders, preserving working capital is the key to continue moving their core business forward. The small upfront cost of leasing a security trailer, followed by paying an incremental monthly fee while the unit is in use over a 12-month period, can help builders preserve more capital so they can complete more projects uninterrupted. 

Funding Phase by Phase

If a builder is developing multiple phases of a residential community, one or more solar security trailers can be funded as each community phase is completed. As revenue is being collected from the sale of homes in each prior phase, a builder can continue to budget the small monthly expense of leasing the units from us. Based on the experiences of our customers throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas, we have found this to be a more manageable way for construction firms to invest in security for their planned community and other residential development projects. 

Eliminating Overpurchasing Risks 

Especially in the post-Covid era, many construction businesses are struggling to accurately forecast their expected project completions for the coming year, much less the next decade. If another pandemic, weather catastrophe or other unforeseen event occurs, their projections may be severely off — including projected completions for projects that are already underway. As many firms have experienced in recent years, the unexpected could trigger an extended delay. For that reason, the days of construction overpurchasing are over for now. During periods of stagnation, leasing solar security trailers can protect you from the risk of losing ROI on unused units. 

Meeting Immediate Security Needs 

When a small-to-medium sized construction firm lacks a consistent pipeline of projects in the queue, they need a surveillance solution that can meet immediate security needs without sinking costs into a major purchase. Leasing a solar trailer is a great way to meet those needs in an economically viable way. For a company that has frequent or numerous gaps in their annual schedule, leasing a security trailer can prevent regrettable delays on breaking even for a security investment. 

Capping Risk with a Needs-Based Model

Many of our lessees start with one solar security trailer, then opt to add more on an as-needed basis. Our unique leasing model allows construction companies to scale their security services up and down as their growth, needs and challenges fluctuate. While purchasing a solar security trailer can be a significant risk for a business with an unstable outlook, leasing one from us means the risk is capped with a manageable, 12-month contract that makes sense for a variety of construction budgets. 

Providing Other SMB Advantages 

For small-to-medium sized businesses in the construction industry, there are additional advantages to leasing a security trailer. Often, smaller businesses may lack the physical space to store the units in between projects; by leasing a security trailer rather than buying, the storage dilemma is essentially eliminated. Another likely issue is the lack of an electrical engineer on staff. By leasing a security trailer, there’s no need to concern yourself with the inner workings of solar electric power systems. We offer a separate maintenance plan for the convenience of our lessees, which removes any barriers to operation. And finally, there’s no reason to be concerned if your staff lacks surveillance expertise. We provide reliable customer service support to answer your questions.   

Request a Solar Security Trailer Demo  

Our powerful, portable solar security trailer surveillance units can help your construction firm prevent theft and vandalism on each jobsite. Combined with our proactive monitoring service that deters intruders from acting on their criminal impulses, our solar-powered trailers are an ideal solution for the security needs of your next project. When you contact us to request a demo, we will gladly provide more details on buying or leasing our units, in addition to explaining what our monitoring service entails and answering your questions. 

About Security specializes in theft and vandalism prevention and intervention for commercial and residential construction, with zero tolerance for loss. Our regional service area comprises Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas. Contact us today to request a free demo on our video surveillance trailer products and interactive monitoring service. 

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