How a Solar Camera Trailer Provides Aerial Surveillance

How a Solar Camera Trailer Provides Aerial Surveillance

For the average one-story commercial or retail building, security cameras can be effective while mounted from the building’s 10 to 15 foot height. But when cameras are needed to monitor the parking lot and other areas surrounding the building, a bird’s eye view is almost always far more effectual. Traditional security cameras don’t provide this, as they need to be mounted from the building. For a true aerial view that captures activity throughout the entire premises, building owners need to invest in a pole-mounted solar camera trailer. Here are the many benefits of this unit, which can be leased affordably to supplement the company’s existing security measures. 

Multi-Directional Surveillance 

If a single camera is monitoring a parking lot, there’s no guarantee it will capture onsite theft and other criminal activities. Many criminals are smart enough to spot the camera and perform their actions in a spot without camera coverage. With a solar camera trailer, they’re not able to do this. This unit gives you multi-directional surveillance from four different angles. The vertical pole has four telescoping cameras mounted on it 20 feet high in the air, and each one can see for 330 feet. That’s just 30 feet shy of a football field! If your parking lot or outdoor property is larger than that, multiple trailers can be leased so you get the security coverage you need. 

Solar Powered Surveillance 

If your property is a site under construction, it’s likely there isn’t the electricity you would need to support traditional video surveillance. If it’s a building in a relatively rural location, the same is probably true. There are many reasons why electricity may not be available — but whatever the reason for your lack of traditional power at the site, a solar camera trailer can monitor your property all year long with cameras that are powered by the sun. And when there is unexpected or unusual sunlight deficiency in your area, a gas generator can power it temporarily until the sun shines again.

If your site is rural or remote, a solar camera trailer can be your perfect security solution. 

AI Video Surveillance 

The four cameras in a solar camera trailer go way beyond the basics. These cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology and video analytics, which means every threat can be assessed inside the camera in a matter of seconds. If the camera calculates a legitimate risk is present, the monitoring center is alerted so the live agent can see the emergency in real time. This AI feature can eliminate false alarms by ruling them out automatically. In cities and counties where police resources are burdened and false alarms are punished with fines, AI is an important feature to have. 

Surveillance Intervention 

A solar camera trailer has multiple features that proactively intervene when an intrusion or other potentially criminal event takes place. It’s equipped with red and blue lights, which mimic law enforcement lights so intruders can be frightened away with a visual deterrent. There’s also an audible deterrent in the form of a powerful, built-in loudspeaker. The agent at the monitoring center will issue a live warning, which the intruder hears through the loudspeaker in real time. When this happens, most intruders will flee the premises without completing a theft. As our customer, you are able to determine whether you want police to be dispatched in these cases. Ask us for more info. 

Request a Security Trailer Demo Now 

These are the aerial surveillance features in a solar camera trailer, which can be leased from Security Trailers to businesses throughout North Texas and the Quad State area. If you’re ready to see this surveillance in action, contact us today to request a demo. We look forward to assisting you. 

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