Video Surveillance Trailer Security in Winter Weather

Video Surveillance Trailer Security in Winter Weather
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Depending on the location of your construction worksite, environmental conditions may be more extreme in the late winter months. Some of the weather you may be dealing with can make it very difficult to work throughout the winter. In fact, some of it can be damaging to your materials and your business. Those weather conditions include the following.

Rain and Snow

Rain and snow are not just hazardous to construction while they are falling. The conditions that exist after a heavy rainfall or snow can be potentially dangerous, both for the site itself and the people who inhabit it. For example, the wet ground can open the door to risky working conditions for construction staff. This can make contractors highly vulnerable to worker liability claims. If any power infrastructure is present, rain or snow on an unprotected structure can lead to electrical hazards; this, too, is dangerous to both the structure and the people working on it.

And finally, there’s the possibility of hail. Hail is far more dangerous than most realize. Its damage to a construction site can include shattering glass and denting sheets of metal, in addition to the moisture-related hazards discussed here.

Moisture and Wind

The effect of moisture on construction materials should never be underestimated. The moisture that lingers long after a winter storm can cause irreversible damage. Iron, steel and other metals can quickly and easily begin to rust. Even the highest quality wood and brick can still be susceptible to moisture seeping into the pores, compromising the integrity of the material. Paint and construction adhesive products can also break down because of moisture. All things considered, the moisture that remains behind after a storm can have a terrible impact on a construction project.

Of course, there is more to a storm than its precipitation. Wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour are not unheard of during the late winter storms that hit the Quad State Area and North Texas. Strong wind can knock down portions of a structure, which can damage materials and significantly cut into a contractor’s bottom line.

Extreme Temperature Drops

Extreme cold can take its toll on construction materials as well. Cold can easily contract wood, which compromises the wood’s ability to properly support paint, stain, glue or other materials that may be applied to the surface. The result is cracked, wrinkled or bubbled coatings that lower the quality of the finish. In some cases, the materials may need to be scrapped entirely. It’s a contractor’s nightmare.

Extending the Offseason

For all the weather related reasons listed here, some construction enterprises will avoid working until the risk of winter storms has passed. No one wants to extend the offseason, but some contractors may find it necessary. Once this choice has been made, it becomes necessary to safeguard any sites that will be inactive for that period of time. That’s where a video surveillance trailer comes in.

How a Video Surveillance Trailer Works

This solar powered solution can monitor activity on an unmanned site. It records any motion that occurs on the premises, uses artificial intelligence to quickly assess the risk that may be present, and signals a central station where a live remote guard is ready to respond to the intrusion. The guard will issue a verbal warning to the intruder in real time, which typically frightens the person away; if it doesn’t, the guard can immediately call police to the site.

At the same time, you will be alerted quickly by the central station that a potential intrusion has taken place on your jobsite. From there, you can take action as needed according to the security protocols of your business.

Get a Video Surveillance Trailer Demo

This is the solution contractors need during a bleak winter of inactivity. The units can be leased for 12 months, during which they can be moved from site to site as needed. They are highly portable and can be used in a variety of terrains, including extremely rural locations. For locations where there is insufficient sunlight to adequately power the unit, we can recommend alternative power sources. Security Trailers leases these security units throughout the Quad State area and North Texas. If you are interested in seeing a video surveillance trailer demo, contact us this winter.

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