November 2022

Jobsite Cameras & Other Construction Site Security for the Holidays

Typically, building and construction operations all across the country tend to slow down over the winter holidays. Many jobs will take a pause for a minimum of several weeks, if not for the entire holiday season lasting from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. The cold weather, low sunlight conditions and holiday festivities all call for it, and dedicated construction workers have certainly earned the time off. No matter how long your company is taking off for the holidays, you are most likely in need of tips for securing your construction sites during this well deserved break. 

Using a Solar Trailer for Security in Fall and Winter

Using a Solar Trailer for Security in Fall and Winter

A solar trailer can be the perfect security and video surveillance solution for construction companies, builders and developers who are working in remote, rural and “in the middle of nowhere” locations. The primary advantage of a solar powered security trailer is its ability to operate without an electrical connection, much less an internet connection or other technology. 

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