Using a Solar Trailer for Security in Fall and Winter

Using a Solar Trailer for Security in Fall and Winter
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A solar trailer can be the perfect security and video surveillance solution for construction companies, builders and developers who are working in remote, rural and “in the middle of nowhere” locations. The primary advantage of a solar powered security trailer is its ability to operate without an electrical connection, much less an internet connection or other technology.

Alternate Power in Low Sunlight

Of course, a solar trailer should operate well in the spring and summer months when sunlight is ample. But what happens in fall and winter, when sunlight is harder to come by? Here’s what we make available to our solar security trailer customers throughout the Quad State Area of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas.

Powering with a Gas Generator

A gas generator is a popular form of backup power when electricity is not available. It can also be highly compatible with a surveillance unit that’s outfitted with solar panels. Often, a homeowner with grid-tied solar panels will use a gas generator as a power source when electricity goes out. This becomes necessary in a power outage, because solar panels do not keep electricity running to a home in a power outage.

Likewise, a gas generator can be just as effective at powering a solar trailer used for security. At Security Trailers, our solar trailers can be fit with a gas generator so that our customers can have an alternate power source in the fall and winter.

If your solar trailer will be in an area where sunlight is scarce for the entire season, we highly recommend taking advantage of this option.

Powering with AC Charging

AC charging can also be an excellent alternate power source to rely on in low sunlight conditions, whether it’s because of the season or the location of the project. All it takes is a little know-how and planning, and Security Trailers can help with both.

If you are familiar with how RV solar kits work, you can easily power your solar trailer with AC charging. If you are unfamiliar, that’s not a problem. At Security Trailers, we provide reliable customer service assistance to educate our customers on how to properly charge the solar trailer they lease from us before using it.

Using Multiple Solar Trailers in Fall and Winter

For many builders throughout the Quad State Area, entire new home communities are being constructed in the sunlight deprived fall and winter months. Each solar trailer has four cameras that can cover 330 feet — but when a project entails constructing homes for several blocks at a time, that often requires leasing multiple solar trailers. By contacting us as early as possible before your project commences, we can ensure you have the alternate power sources you need to keep your solar trailers running for the season.

Our services are based on a model that caps your risk and fits your budget with a manageable, 12-month contract, and our unique leasing model allows you to scale your solar trailer services up and down. This is ideal for companies where needs, timelines and budgets fluctuate.

Request a Solar Trailer Demo

Most construction companies do not have an electrical engineer or solar power system expert on staff — but fortunately, that doesn’t have to mean turning down jobs that require a solar trailer for security. Powering your solar trailer in fall, winter or low sunlight conditions can be simple and straightforward because of the customer support we offer. Additionally, we offer a separate maintenance plan for the convenience of our lessees.

At Security Trailers, we remove the barriers to solar trailer operation so you can monitor your site easily and affordably. Our customer service staff can also answer any questions you have regarding the video surveillance monitoring service, including questions on how the live agent speaks down to the site to frighten intruders and prevent them from returning. To get the information you need, request a solar trailer demo from us now. We look forward to hearing from you.

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