Solar Camera Trailer Must-Have Features

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A solar camera trailer is a great security solution for construction sites and other types of worksites that may be located remotely. Because these units are charged by the power of the sun, they’re ideal for job site locations with no electrical connection (even sites that are located fully off the grid). But if that’s all you know about these trailers, you may ask: What else do I need in a solar camera trailer? As you shop around, here are some of the other critical features to look for. 

Multiple Cameras

The first purpose of a solar camera trailer on a jobsite is to capture intrusion, theft and other potential criminal activity with video surveillance. To do that, the unit needs at least one vertically mounted security camera — but for maximum coverage that keeps your site as secure as possible, it needs more than one. 

At Security Trailers, our solar camera trailers feature four telescoping cameras that are vertically mounted on each unit at 20 feet high. This ensures that intrusion activity is captured from four different directions, minimizing the intruder’s ability to get away with any criminal intentions. The more cameras there are, the fewer “hiding spots” there are for criminals.  

Extended Visibility

If you are building on a large site, you need to know the visibility of your solar camera trailer. This will help you decide how many solar camera trailers you need. At Security Trailers, our units have visibility of 330 feet in all four directions. To put that in perspective, here are some enlightening comparisons: 

  • The length of an American football field is approximately 360 feet long.  
  • The Big Ben clock tower in London is about 310 feet tall. 
  • The Statue of Liberty is close to 305 feet tall. 
  • The wingspan of a 747 aircraft is about 225 feet wide. 

As these comparisons illustrate, 330 feet is a substantial distance. Taking these into consideration may be able to help you discern whether one solar camera trailer will be sufficient to cover your space. If not, we make it affordable for you to lease multiple trailers from us at Security Trailers. 

Monitored Surveillance 

No matter how powerful the cameras are, video surveillance is only as effective as the service that monitors it. That’s why you want your security cameras to be monitored by live agents at a 24/7 central station. With the right monitoring service, you can rest assured that a trained security agent will respond to your solar camera trailer signal right away in the event of an intrusion. The agent should intervene immediately, and false alarms should be automatically filtered out because your cameras are equipped with powerful artificial intelligence. That’s what your experience will be if your solar camera trailer comes from Security Trailers. 

Immediate Intervention

As the red and blue lights flash, your live security agent will talk down to your site in real time. Through the loudspeaker in your solar camera trailer, the intruder will hear the agent loud and clear; this action is designed to frighten intruders away before they can begin stealing your materials.

If you want the police to be called, your agent will take care of it — and of course, you’ll receive an immediate alert as well. 

Request a Security Trailer Demo Now 

These are the must-have features you need in a solar camera trailer. If you are seeking this kind of security solution for a jobsite in North Texas or the Quad State area, contact us today to request a demo. We look forward to speaking with you. 

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