Protecting Holiday Retail from Theft with a Video Surveillance Trailer

Protecting Holiday Retail from Theft with a Video Surveillance Trailer
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Unfortunately, retail theft is a major problem in the 2022 holiday season — even more than it was last year. The National Retail Federation’s 2022 retail security survey shows that 52.9% of retailers reported an increase in external theft (including organized retail crime) since 2021. In fact, the data shows an increase of 26.5%. Whether it’s a byproduct of the post-pandemic era or the result of relaxed criminal penalties in some locations, theft is a massive concern for retailers of all sizes.

Non-Traditional Security

For the holiday shopping season this year, many major retailers are investing in alternate, non-traditional forms of security to thwart retail thieves. Reuters reports that retailers ranging from Walmart and Walgreens to Target and Barnes & Noble are resorting to physical barriers to theft, like protecting merchandise behind plexiglass or tethering items to their shelves with steel cables.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Best Buy and Home Depot are doing the same (along with futuristic tactics like replacing items with QR codes shoppers have to scan for access). These measures may seem sensible, but they can actually be counterproductive. Here is the primary reason why — and, why a video surveillance trailer is a better option.

Physical Barriers to Sales

While locking up items or securing them to shelves can be a physical barrier to theft, it can also be a physical barrier to sales. On the floor of the average big box retailer, it can be hard for a customer to get the attention of a busy employee. So when the item they’re seeking is locked up, many shoppers are so turned off by the idea of having to flag down an employee that they opt to leave the store empty handed.

In fact, the WSJ report quotes one CEO as saying that while putting products in “cages” can deter theft, it can also hinder sales. It also cites research that shows shoppers prefer items to be “easily available.” This is one reason why a video surveillance trailer is a solid alternative (especially for after business hours). Many times, the unit can stop thieves in their tracks before they even attempt to enter the store.

Smash and Grab Prevention

Smash and grab theft, arguably the most popular form of organized retail crime, continues to be on the rise throughout the U.S. In response, reports Reuters, small community locations of major retailers like Walmart and J.C. Penney are taking the “surveillance and strobe lights” approach. The story describes the preventive measure as “large, mobile surveillance units that record all activity in their parking lots.”

One example cites multiple video surveillance trailer units outside three Walmart Supercenter stores. This is exactly what we offer at Security Trailers: video surveillance trailers with the capacity to prevent retail theft. With flashing lights that mimic law enforcement vehicle lights and a live remote guard talking down to the site telling them police are on their way, many intruders – including those operating in groups – are stopped in their tracks because of the attention drawn to them.

Alarm Video Verification

Another advantage provided by a video surveillance trailer is alarm verification. In many cities, there are policies that dictate local law enforcement will not respond to alarm events unless the alarms are video verified. These policies are designed to crack down on false alarms that prevent officers from getting to the scene of legitimate crimes and emergencies (like in Tulsa, where the city reports that 95% of signals are false alarms).

With a video surveillance trailer, a retailer has a video verification method that can get police to the location faster because the remote guard has verified the crime by watching live video.

Request a Video Surveillance Trailer Demo

In the 2022 holiday season, retailers are faced with more theft challenges than ever before. If locking up merchandise has proven to be a barrier to your sales, rest assured that there are other ways to stop thieves from acting. With a video surveillance trailer, you can reduce your risk of being targeted and see more profits as the year closes out. To see a video surveillance trailer in action, request a demo from Security Trailers now. We will be glad to show you how it works.

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