How a Mobile Camera Trailer Provides Video Verification

How a Mobile Camera Trailer Provides Video Verification
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All across the country, police departments are announcing that they are overwhelmed by an inundation of false alarms. For this reason, many cities, counties and other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) are now requiring alarm signals to be verified by a central station monitoring center before police officers will respond to the locations where the alarms originated. A mobile camera trailer can provide that verification, so that property is protected and police resources are requested only when they are truly needed. 

Why Video Verification is Necessary 

Without alarm verification, some police departments will not respond to an alarm event because of the high probability of a false alarm — and often, that is the policy whether the alarm signal comes from a residence or a business address. That’s currently the case in Tulsa, a city where 95% of security system signals are false alarms. In fact, the Tulsa Police Department makes clear that false alarms interfere with their timely response to actual crimes. 

Video verification takes alarm verification one step further, by capturing criminal activity on camera and sending the signal to the monitoring center.

From there, a live security agent will watch the video in real time to verify the activity as a crime in progress. 

Verification from a Mobile Camera Trailer 

If a crime occurs on your construction site or other commercial property, a mobile camera trailer can provide video verification to rule out a false alarm and get a faster police response. The freestanding security unit records motion-triggered video, instantly analyzes it with powerful AI, and sends a live feed of the video to the monitoring center so that the agent can verify the crime. 

At that point, the agent will determine if the intrusion activity meets the criteria for a police dispatch. If it does, then police can regard the event as a verified alarm that warrants their response. 

When Police Response is Not Needed 

If the event does not qualify for a police response, the mobile camera trailer still has built-in features that are designed to draw attention to the site and prompt the intruder to flee. Those features include colorful strobe lights that mimic a police siren, and an audio loudspeaker feature that enables the agent to speak to the intruder directly. 

In case after case, these features frighten intruders away in less than one minute. Many times, they flee without taking anything from the site. This is a winning scenario for all involved; police are not burdened with a dispatch, and the property owner is able to protect assets from vandalism and theft.  

Request a Mobile Camera Trailer Demo Now

If you would like to keep intruders off your commercial property and protect your assets while ensuring police can get to your site faster in the event of a crime, a mobile camera trailer may be the right security solution for you. To see a mobile camera trailer in action, request a demo now from Security Trailers. We look forward to assisting you. 

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