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How a Solar Camera Trailer Provides Aerial Surveillance

How a Solar Camera Trailer Provides Aerial Surveillance

For the average one-story commercial or retail building, security cameras can be effective while mounted from the building’s 10 to 15 foot height. But when cameras are needed to monitor the parking lot and other areas surrounding the building, a bird’s eye view is almost always far more effectual. Traditional security cameras don’t provide this, as they need to be mounted from the building. For a true aerial view that captures activity throughout the entire premises, building owners need to invest in a pole-mounted solar camera trailer. Here are the many benefits of this unit, which can be leased affordably to supplement the company’s existing security measures. 

Home Security Taps Into the Technology of Mobile Camera Trailers

Home Security Taps Into the Technology of Mobile Camera Trailers

It may come as a surprise to learn that security camera technology has been in existence for close to a century, dating back to the 1920s. Over the next three decades, the accessibility of security cameras would evolve greatly. For a time, these cameras were strictly available to the U.S. military and European forces during WWII. Eventually, they would become attainable for American businesses — and, soon thereafter, accessible to many homeowners. 

Jobsite Cameras that Intervene in Criminal Activity

When a home is under construction, the contractors and workers on duty are expected to be diligent guardians of the construction assets inside the home, from the raw building materials to the electronic appliances. But if you’re a contractor, you understand that you and your crew members can’t be onsite 24/7. The time you spend away from the home, whether it’s overnight or a few quick minutes, leaves a window open for thieves to break in and steal the valuable assets for their own gain. 

The Security Trailer Solution to Auto Theft

Security Trailers proudly serves the Quad State Area, a region that has both the highest and lowest auto theft rates in the nation (depending on the state). In each of the states that we service with our solar powered security trailers, here is the most recently available data on annual auto thefts by state.

Mobile Camera Trailers and More for the Offseason

The construction industry is highly seasonal, and the chilly weather at the end of November typically signals the beginning of the offseason. If you are a construction industry professional running your own operation, this can be the best time to make a prioritized list of productive offseason activities to complete before business picks back up in the spring. Here are some offseason activity ideas to put near the top of your list. 

Jobsite Cameras & Other Construction Site Security for the Holidays

Typically, building and construction operations all across the country tend to slow down over the winter holidays. Many jobs will take a pause for a minimum of several weeks, if not for the entire holiday season lasting from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. The cold weather, low sunlight conditions and holiday festivities all call for it, and dedicated construction workers have certainly earned the time off. No matter how long your company is taking off for the holidays, you are most likely in need of tips for securing your construction sites during this well deserved break. 

Security Trailer Solutions for Remote Locations

Security Trailer Solutions for Remote Locations

There’s no denying that companies working out of rural and remote locations face very different security challenges than their urban counterparts. For example, construction enterprises with projects in underdeveloped areas – from dense forests, to barren deserts, to rural countryside – rarely have the option of protecting their materials, equipment and tools with traditional video surveillance systems. Fortunately, there is an effective video monitoring solution for these remotely located projects: a portable, solar powered security trailer. Here are some of the typical rural business challenges a security trailer can address while delivering powerful video monitoring over a property. 

3 Reasons Video Surveillance Trailers Can Reduce Auto Part Theft in Texas

Auto part theft is nothing new, but the theft of one specific device has skyrocketed in recent years and hit a fever pitch during the pandemic. Catalytic converter theft jumped by 325% since the onset Covid-19, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). That’s a nationwide figure, but Texas in particular has become a breeding …

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