Home Security Taps Into the Technology of Mobile Camera Trailers

Home Security Taps Into the Technology of Mobile Camera Trailers
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It may come as a surprise to learn that security camera technology has been in existence for close to a century, dating back to the 1920s. Over the next three decades, the accessibility of security cameras would evolve greatly. For a time, these cameras were strictly available to the U.S. military and European forces during WWII. Eventually, they would become attainable for American businesses — and, soon thereafter, accessible to many homeowners. 

Now, in the 21st century, security camera technology has expanded to include everything from residential doorbell cameras that capture visitors approaching a home, to the powerful mobile camera trailers that monitor activity outside businesses afterhours. Interestingly, residential security cameras are now tapping into the technology of the mobile camera trailers that monitor commercial sites — for a few very important reasons. 

1. It’s all about AI. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken all types of technology by storm, and the security camera industry is no exception. At one time, the AI that helped cameras assess the threat level of the subjects they captured was considered rare. Now, AI is regarded as not just a common piece of security camera technology, but also an essential one. Motion sensors are still the building blocks of surveillance cameras, but today’s consumers expect cameras that do more than detect motion. They know that AI has the ability to distinguish whether a subject on camera is a human, an animal, or a vehicle. They want their cameras to process the footage locally, and only activate the alarm function if the subject is a person — especially if that person appears to be a potential intruder. Savvy consumers understand these are more intelligent camera features that can give them additional peace of mind. In response to the demand, home security manufacturers are tapping into this AI from mobile camera trailers. They’re meeting the demand by building this same capability into their residential camera lines. 

It’s also about intervention.  

Live event intervention is another important component of mobile camera trailers, and it is now being offered in home security as well. A mobile camera trailer is monitored by a live agent at a UL listed central station. The agent will only respond to signals that have been sent after the AI has determined the subject on camera is a person who may be a potential intruder. The agent views the real time video feed from the camera, verifies whether the event is an emergency in progress, and intervenes by talking down directly to the site so the intruder can hear a live warning. On a mobile camera trailer, the agent’s intervention comes through a powerful loudspeaker built into the unit. On a home security camera, it will typically come through a small speaker on the doorbell camera. The residential market is now demanding live intervention like this as word has spread about its effectiveness in the commercial environment.

It’s a simple matter of seeing this in action on a construction site, an automotive lot, or retail property and wanting it for themselves at home. 

It involves video verification. 

As more homeowners are discovering, many local police departments require residents’ alarm signals to be video verified in order for officers to respond. This is because many police departments are heavily burdened by all the false alarms that come through their dispatch, both from residential and commercial addresses. To reduce the occurrence of these false alarms, police are now requiring the signals to be video verified by a live agent at a monitoring center. That’s what mobile camera trailers offer commercial clients: video verification for their alarm signals, to improve law enforcement response to emergencies on their properties. Naturally, homeowners want this convenient feature for their alarm integrations as well. 

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These mobile camera trailer features are now crossing over into home security because of one important reason: Homeowners know they deserve the same powerful protection that commercial properties get. If you own or work on a commercial space in North Texas or the Quad State Area, Security Trailers can help you lease one or more mobile camera trailers to secure the property afterhours. Contact us now to request more information and request a demo. 

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