January 2023

Sourcing Better Solar Security Trailers in the New Year

Sourcing Better Solar Security Trailers in the New Year

Solar-powered security trailers have become the new gold security standard for environments where there is little to no access to electricity, including parking lots, construction sites and other remote locations. They have proven to be a highly effective means of reducing incidents of theft, from the materials and tools theft that is so common on building sites, to the auto theft that has skyrocketed all over the country in recent years.

Jobsite Cameras that Intervene in Criminal Activity

When a home is under construction, the contractors and workers on duty are expected to be diligent guardians of the construction assets inside the home, from the raw building materials to the electronic appliances. But if you’re a contractor, you understand that you and your crew members can’t be onsite 24/7. The time you spend away from the home, whether it’s overnight or a few quick minutes, leaves a window open for thieves to break in and steal the valuable assets for their own gain. 

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