December 2022

The Security Trailer Solution to Auto Theft

Security Trailers proudly serves the Quad State Area, a region that has both the highest and lowest auto theft rates in the nation (depending on the state). In each of the states that we service with our solar powered security trailers, here is the most recently available data on annual auto thefts by state.

Solar Camera Trailer Must-Have Features

A solar camera trailer is a great security solution for construction sites and other types of worksites that may be located remotely. Because these units are charged by the power of the sun, they’re ideal for job site locations with no electrical connection (even sites that are located fully off the grid). But if that’s all you know about these trailers, you may ask: What else do I need in a solar camera trailer? As you shop around, here are some of the other critical features to look for. 

Mobile Camera Trailers and More for the Offseason

The construction industry is highly seasonal, and the chilly weather at the end of November typically signals the beginning of the offseason. If you are a construction industry professional running your own operation, this can be the best time to make a prioritized list of productive offseason activities to complete before business picks back up in the spring. Here are some offseason activity ideas to put near the top of your list. 

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