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The construction industry is highly seasonal, and the chilly weather at the end of November typically signals the beginning of the offseason. If you are a construction industry professional running your own operation, this can be the best time to make a prioritized list of productive offseason activities to complete before business picks back up in the spring. Here are some offseason activity ideas to put near the top of your list.

Look at the Past Year

It’s already near the end of the year, so it makes sense that this would be the time to analyze the past year’s projects and extract business intelligence for future decision making. What projects were the most profitable? What contracts proved to be worth the time spent submitting proposals? On the flip side, what wasn’t worth the investment of your time or capital? Did any projects go awry due to a lack of proper security? If so, is it possible that a mobile security trailer or other security solution could have prevented it? During the offseason, analyzing the past year is an important endeavor that can help you run your construction business more efficiently.

Look to the Future

After an analysis of the past year has been completed, your next offseason activity can be creating a projection for the next calendar year. As you get started, make sure all your ducks are in a row: For example, are you still in compliance with OSHA and other frequently updated regulations? You can also set a budget for new investments, set new goals for revenue, and order supplies for the coming year. One of the most important budgets to create during the offseason is a security budget. Based on the security challenges of the past year, construction professionals can determine how many mobile camera trailers may be needed at each project site. By leasing from Security Trailers, it’s easy to scale up and down based on project scope.

Look at Your Network

“It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” We’ve all heard this expression, but its wisdom is timeless. If it’s been a while since you’ve added well-connected professionals to your contacts, that could be a reason why next year’s calendar looks a little too lean. The offseason is a great time to reconnect with old clients and meet with new prospects, whether it’s at the local Chamber of Commerce or a  regional trade show. These are great places to make new contacts for referrals and references.

By meeting the right people, your next big building project or municipal contract could be right around the corner.

Look at New Ideas

In general, the offseason can be the time to look at new ideas to reverse any slow projections for the next year. You may invest in some critical training or certifications for your staff. You may attend a trade show not just for networking purposes, but also to spot new technologies that can be leveraged to drum up business. The offseason also provides opportunities to dive into new marketing campaigns. If marketing is in your plans, one value proposition that can attract new clients to your construction business is security technology. Adding mobile camera trailers to your value proposition shows prospective clients how serious you are about site security — that you believe in the power of video verification and surveillance to protect the assets on their project.

Request a Mobile Camera Trailer Demo

The offseason may seem like a time to slow down — but by staying productive, you can make your business even better in the new year. To learn more about mobile camera trailers, request a complimentary demo from Security Trailers. We will be happy to show you why this security investment can be the perfect way to pick up new business in the next building season.

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