Off-Grid Video Surveillance for Construction Sites is Here

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Off-grid video surveillance is in high demand, but many of the systems on the market are designed for residential applications where people are actively living off the grid, sometimes permanently. What about off-grid video surveillance for construction sites, including remote lots still under development? 

Why Off-Grid Video Surveillance is in Demand 

With residents of coastal states relocating to cities throughout North Texas and the Quad State area, remote plots of land throughout the region continue to undergo aggressive development. For the contractors tasked with this development, a demand exists for a security solution that fits non-power and grid-free environments until their projects are complete. Fortunately, that solution is here in the form of security trailers that deliver off-grid video surveillance. If you’re a contractor in need of an off-grid security solution, consider these outstanding features. 

Off-Grid Video Surveillance Portability 

When most of a contractor’s materials and assets are concentrated in specific areas of a property for scheduled periods of time, a portable video surveillance solution is a must. Our self-contained security units are ideal for construction projects where portability around the site is a priority. This can include residential and commercial projects that are being completed in scheduled phases. While leasing our units over a 12-month period, you’ll have the option of moving them around your site as needed. If you require additional coverage, you have the option to lease multiple units. 

Off-Grid Video Surveillance Solar Power 

If a site is truly off the grid, it has no connection to any nearby electricity utility. To naturally charge our video surveillance trailers when electricity is unavailable, we equip them with solar-based charging systems that harness the power of the sun. If the location of the project is sunlight deficient, our trailers can be paired with an optional gas generator to supplement power. If the location is not fully off the grid, optional AC charging is also available. 

Off-Grid Video Surveillance Monitoring

Video surveillance is most effective when it’s monitored by live security agents at a UL listed central station monitoring center. By leasing a unit from Security Trailers, you can have access to around-the-clock camera monitoring, no matter how remote your location. The units are equipped with advanced video analytics that quickly assess threat levels and alert the monitoring center immediately. From there, the agent delivers an interactive response that includes talking down to the site to frighten intruders. Law enforcement is dispatched when necessary, and you’ll be alerted as well. This is the video surveillance monitoring solution contractors need when working off the grid. 

Request an Off-Grid Video Surveillance Demo 

Off-grid video surveillance for construction sites is here. Security Trailers specializes in leasing these systems throughout the Quad State area and North Texas. Contact us to request a demo of our portable, solar-powered, monitored video surveillance units today. 

About Security specializes in theft and vandalism prevention and intervention for commercial and residential construction, with zero tolerance for loss. Our regional service area comprises Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas. Contact us today to request a free demo on our video surveillance trailer products and interactive monitoring service. 

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