Leasing a Solar Security Trailer vs. Hiring a Live Security Guard

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When you have a construction site that will be unmanned at night, or a commercial property that needs security around the clock, one of the first considerations may be whether it’s a good idea to hire a private security guard. While there may be nothing wrong with that decision, there can be real drawbacks to having a security guard as your first or only security resource. At Security Trailers, we have found that leasing a solar security trailer from us can be more cost effective than hiring a live guard — and in many cases, may be able to accomplish more. As you make a decision on whether to lease a solar security trailer instead of (or in addition to) hiring a live security guard to protect your site, consider these questions.

Could a Solar Security Trailer Supplement Your Security Guard?

It makes sense to think of hiring a security guard first; after all, the private security occupation has a long history. There have been security guards since quite literally the dawn of time, and the profession as we know it today began back in the 1800s when hiring live guards became necessary in order to protect railroad passengers from dangerous train robbers (source: HankeringForHistory.com).

However, it’s important to understand that security guard performance can be limited by a number of factors. First, a single guard can only be in one place at a time. If something suspicious is happening on one end of the property and your guard is stationed at the other end, the event may elude him completely until the criminal has already committed an illegal act. In fact, the criminal may actually be able to flee the premises without your security guard ever intervening. That’s just one reason why leasing a solar security trailer could be a great strategy for supplementing your security guard.

Could a Solar Security Trailer Cover Your Site Better than a Guard?

Meanwhile, a solar security trailer has four cameras mounted on it, each with a visibility range of 330 feet. 330 feet in four directions means 1,320 feet of security coverage. If the site is large enough to warrant multiple trailers, that could be an option in order to ensure adequate coverage. And if having a live security guard on staff is still desired, then a solar security trailer can be an excellent way to supplement your guard’s efforts at protecting your site. Some ideas on where to station the portable solar security trailer include the:

  • Most criminally vulnerable area of the site.
  • Spot that’s furthest from where your guard is stationed.
  • Area of the property that is patrolled the least.
  • When you contact us to request a demo, we can advise you on ways to maximize the effectiveness of your solar security trailer, whether or not a security guard is present.

A single guard can only be in one place at a time. If something suspicious is happening on one end of the property and your guard is stationed at the other end, the event may elude him completely until the criminal has already committed an illegal act.

How Much Would You Pay a Security Guard vs. Leasing a Solar Security Trailer?

Another important question to ask is this: If you were to lease a solar security trailer rather than pay a security guard, how much money could that save you? To answer that question, it’s important to know how much you would need to budget for if you were to hire a live security guard to man the area instead. The median salary for an unarmed private security guard in the Quad State area and Texas is:

  • Arkansas – $25,908
  • Kansas – $26,660
  • Missouri – $26,772
    Oklahoma – $26,407
  • Texas – $33,971
  • Source: Salary.com

Even if you were to pay a security guard an hourly wage as opposed to a salary, leasing a solar security trailer may cost less. Consider this: If you have to pay a live guard $25 per hour and they work an 8 to 10 hour shift per day, that amounts to up to $250 per day. If the guard works for a staffing agency where someone has to get paid on top of what you pay them (as many security guards do), you may be paying them even more.

How Many Hours Per Week Do You Need Security For?

Obviously, the cost of paying a security guard will depend on how many hours per week you need a security guard for. Most construction sites that are unmanned in the evenings and overnight will require 8 to 10 hours of security coverage at a minimum, whether it’s from 10 PM to 6 AM or starting earlier in the evening, from 8 PM to 6 AM. In the winter months, you may want shifts to start even earlier when the sun goes down (12 hour shifts are not unheard of).

At the very least, you could be paying a security guard $25 per hour times 40 hours per week, totaling $1,000 per week, which is $4,000 per month. If your security guard works directly for you, you’ll need to add on healthcare coverage and other insurance. By leasing a solar security trailer, you can pay much less than this. At Security Trailers, our uniquely tiered pricing model keeps the cost of securing your site much lower than this. Ask us for more information about the cost of leasing a solar security trailer.

Ask for a Solar Security Trailer Demo Today

If you’re ready to learn more about solar security trailers and how they can protect your construction site from theft and vandalism, request a demo from Security Trailers today. We look forward to showing you the incredible features on our solar-powered security trailers — from the four cameras, to the colored strobe lights, to the powerful loudspeaker that facilitates talkdown capability from the monitoring center. Contact us today to request this informative appointment.

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