The Security Trailer vs. an Installed Security System

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A security trailer performs some of the same functions as a security system that’s installed in a building, but the distinctions are important. Here are some of the key differences between these security solutions, and why security trailers have the clear advantage for outdoor commercial locations. 

Security Trailer Advantage #1: Rugged Outdoor Mobility 

An installed security system must be affixed to a wall, and it relies on motion sensors to trigger the alarm if an intruder breaks into a building while the system is armed. These requirements are not conducive to commercial lots in need of outdoor security coverage. 

A security trailer is a rugged, mobile surveillance unit that can be moved around a commercial property as needed. This is perhaps the number one reason it is the preferred security solution for construction lots and other outdoor commercial sites where security is needed in concentrated areas for specific periods of time. 

Security Trailer Advantage #2: Monitored Video Surveillance 

A traditional security system can have security cameras integrated, but this typically comes at an additional cost — especially if the goal is to have the cameras monitored by a central station. The configuration alone can become very complicated, very quickly. 

A security trailer contains multiple cameras mounted high on the unit for maximum visibility. At Security Trailers, our units feature four cameras each with a visibility range of 330 feet on each side. When motion triggers the cameras to record, their artificial intelligence can instantly analyze whether the activity being captured is a security risk. A signal is then sent to the monitoring center, where a live agent is ready to intervene. 

Security Trailer Advantage #3: Immediate Live Intervention

An installed security system with traditional monitoring service will trigger an audible alarm at the site when there’s a security event. At the same time, it signals the central station and a live agent contacts the customer. It’s a response, but it does nothing to intervene in a potential crime. 

A security trailer offers a more proactive solution. When a potential intruder is captured on camera, an agent at the monitoring center will respond by providing immediate, live intervention of the security event. This comes in the form of a talkdown warning to the site, which the intruder hears through the powerful loudspeaker in the unit. At the same time, flashing red and blue strobe lights that mimic law enforcement siren lights will activate and attract attention to the event. These features are designed to prompt the intruder to leave without taking the valuable assets onsite. 

Security Trailer Advantage #4: Solar Power 

A traditional security system requires a permanent power source in order to operate, and some also require a reliable internet connection. A hard-wired system will require electricity because it relies on a landline phone connection to the central station, and a wireless system will derive its power from a battery. Both of these are rarely an option for outdoor sites in need of security coverage. 

A security trailer is solar equipped, so that its primary power source is the sun. This means no electricity or internet connection is required in order for the units to detect motion, signal the monitoring center, deliver audio to the site or flash the strobe lights. All these features are active as long as there is adequate solar charging. In locations where sunlight is insufficient, generators can supplement the solar power so that surveillance is uninterrupted. At Security Trailers, we make available an optional gas generator as an additional investment. Optional AC charging is also available. 

Request a Security Trailer Demo Now 

These are the primary differentiators between a security trailer and a traditionally installed security system. When it comes to providing surveillance of an outdoor commercial site, the clear advantage is a security trailer. Security Trailers can supply these powerful, mobile surveillance units to locations throughout North Texas and the Quad State area. To see how they work, contact us today to request a demo. 

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