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Key Features That You'll Love About Security Camera Trailers

When strategically placed on a worksite, our solar-powered video surveillance trailers can substantially reduce the expected loss a company may sustain on a construction project.

Advanced Solar Power

By harnessing the sun’s energy, our solar powered security trailers reduce or eliminate the need for an electrical power source.

Blue/Red Strobe Lights & Sound

The blue and red strobe lights on each security trailer mimic the flashing of police vehicle lights, drawing attention to intrusions.

Advanced Video Analytics

AI-powered video analytics maximize surveillance by filtering out false emergencies and calculating the risk of intrusion events.

4 HD Long Range Cameras

Each unit has four cameras with a range of 330 feet, enabling coverage for 15 homes in the average new build community.

Cellular Network

With a dedicated cellular connection, there’s no need for an internet connection. If internet is available, cellular provides built-in redundancy.

Mobile App Viewing

Smartphone app management provides mobile video viewing on demand, event-triggered alerts. View all your protected sites through one secure portal.


Manufactured, assembled, and tested here in the USA

Solutions from provides a valuable security solution for the construction industry, with mobile camera trailer units that can monitor jobsites for criminal activity afterhours. They’re portable, solar-powered, and designed to be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a security guard. Here’s what anyone interested in leasing or buying a mobile camera trailer from us should know about how they work.


Powered by A.I.

Video surveillance should be the foundation of your security strategy — but in order to be truly effective, there has to be more to it than recording activity. That’s where video analytics comes in, powered by artificial intelligence. When our mobile camera trailers capture potential intruders, the AI-equipped cameras immediately calculate the risk and notify the monitoring center. From there, a live agent is ready to intervene. 

Verification = Better Police Response

When the monitoring agent opens a live video feed to investigate what’s happening, that is defined as video verification of the event. Due to the prevalence of false alarms, many police departments require this type of video verification in order to respond to a dispatch. In many cities, this video verification can reduce the time it takes for police to respond. 

Remote Intervention

Even if police are dispatched, the monitoring agent intervenes by issuing a warning message to the intruder over the loudspeaker built into the unit. As this happens, the blue and red strobe light will flash to attract attention to the subject. Often, the combination of these actions will provoke intruders to flee the jobsite, leaving all materials and equipment protected from theft. If an intruder stays on the site, they are likely to encounter police in minutes. 

Mobile Notification

As a customer of Security Trailers, you receive an immediate mobile alert regarding any security events on your site. Whatever protocols you have in place for security breaches, you can proceed with them knowing you have video verified evidence. 

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