Sourcing Better Solar Security Trailers in the New Year

Sourcing Better Solar Security Trailers in the New Year
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Solar-powered security trailers have become the new gold security standard for environments where there is little to no access to electricity, including parking lots, construction sites and other remote locations. They have proven to be a highly effective means of reducing incidents of theft, from the materials and tools theft that is so common on building sites, to the auto theft that has skyrocketed all over the country in recent years. They are also becoming an increasingly effective way to intervene in other criminal activity, including vandalism and property damage. 

All types of solar security trailers rely on the sun to power them 24/7, no electricity needed; however, the similarities can often end there. If you have tried solar security trailers from other sources, you may be looking for additional features and services those sources don’t offer. When you switch to Security Trailers for your solar security trailers in 2023, here’s what you can expect. 

Live Video Monitoring

Solar security trailers provide a valuable surveillance service — but to be truly effective, the trailers need to be accompanied by live video monitoring. When a trained security agent is monitoring your video in real time, you can be assured that any intruders on your property will be addressed with a live warning from a trained security professional. The agent will view your motion-triggered recording as it captures real time activity. Because your trailer is equipped with four cameras that see for 330 feet in each direction, the agent is given a full scope view of what’s happening. 

Compare this powerful remote monitoring service to theft scenarios like this massive Oklahoma theft, where thieves were caught on camera for 40 minutes as they made off with thousands of dollars in tools and supplies. Because no remote monitoring service was being used to intervene in the crime, the thieves got away with it. 

Intelligent Subject Filtering 

How does your remote security agent know if the subject captured on camera is likely to be an intruder? Thanks to the artificial intelligence they are equipped with, your cameras are able to filter out motion that has been triggered by an animal passing by, a sudden gust of wind, or a moving vehicle that doesn’t park in the vicinity. When motion is caused by a human who has the potential to be an intruder, the video will trigger a signal to the central agent. From there, the security agent will see your video in real time and can quickly evaluate the level of risk. If they determine a valid risk is present, they will take immediate action with a live talkdown warning over the loudspeaker. All this happens as red and blue strobe lights flash, which draw attention to the activity so intruders are even more likely to be startled away.  

Proactive Police Dispatch

If the agent’s interactive response to the intruder isn’t sufficient to frighten them off the property, the next step is to dispatch police to the location. This happens in a matter of seconds, so that officers can arrive at the scene as quickly as possible; this is especially important if your city or other authority having jurisdiction requires video verification of an alarm in order for police to respond. If your location is extremely remote, we can discuss with you a mitigation plan for dispatching law enforcement to the site.

No matter what police dispatch plan we have in place, many remotely located clients find that intruders are prompted to leave immediately when they hear the live talkdown warning from our solar security trailers. 

Effective Threat Prevention

For those who are new to solar security trailers, it may come as a surprise how effective they can be at theft prevention. Often, thieves will flee the property without taking any materials, tools or other items. Your assets can remain intact and free from property damage when you choose us as your resource for solar security trailers this year. We offer an easy leasing plan with little upfront cost and a manageable monthly maintenance fee for the duration of your lease. To see a demo of our solar security trailers and discuss your leasing options, call Security Trailers in the new year. 

About Security specializes in theft and vandalism prevention and intervention for commercial and residential construction, with zero tolerance for loss. Our regional service area comprises Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas. Contact us today to request a free demo on our video surveillance trailer products and interactive monitoring service. 

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