Security Trailer Solutions for Remote Locations

Security Trailer Solutions for Remote Locations
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There’s no denying that companies working out of rural and remote locations face very different security challenges than their urban counterparts. For example, construction enterprises with projects in underdeveloped areas – from dense forests, to barren deserts, to rural countryside – rarely have the option of protecting their materials, equipment and tools with traditional video surveillance systems. Fortunately, there is an effective video monitoring solution for these remotely located projects: a portable, solar powered security trailer. Here are some of the typical rural business challenges a security trailer can address while delivering powerful video monitoring over a property. 

Technology Scarcity 

Chief among the differences between urban and rural development projects is a lack of access to necessary technology infrastructure. According to the small business resource, 56% of rurally located small enterprises do not have adequate access to digital technology. In addition, more than 20% do not have access to high-speed broadband internet. Without internet connectivity and other critical technology infrastructure, wireless security systems and cameras are not able to be supported. With a security trailer on the property, a dedicated cellular connection solves the problem by eliminating the need for an internet connection.

In cases where the customer does have internet access at the site, there’s even more good news: the cellular support provides built-in redundancy when connectivity is down. 

Lack of Electricity 

In the current era of environmentally conscious business practices, it is not unheard of for specific industries to work toward a goal of operating disconnected from the power grid. Whether a business is part of this emerging offgrid movement – or, its operations are being conducted from a rural worksite for the duration of a specific development project – there are many reasons why electricity may not be available. For these businesses, solar power can be a security lifeline. A solar powered security trailer offers access to around the clock video surveillance for site security, even when no electricity is available. To get four high definition cameras with a range of 330 feet each (with built in AI and video analytics that calculate the risk of events and filter out false alarms), the only power that’s needed to protect the site is the natural power of the sun. 

Sunlight Deficiency 

In some seasons, sunlight is scarce throughout portions of the Quad State area — and of course, there’s no accounting for the weather at any given time. Also, some rural locations are confronted by the additional challenge of being surrounded by the shade cover of a forest; when a canopy of trees is filtering adequate sunlight from coming through, the efficacy of solar power systems may be compromised. The good news is, a security trailer can still be used to protect the property in those cases. All the customer needs is a gas generator to supplement power to the security trailer. At, we offer customers the option to lease a gas generator from us along with their security trailer unit. There is also another alternate powering option available: If the customer wishes to take advantage of the portability of the unit, AC charging can be performed by the customer before transporting it to the remote worksite. 

Request a Security Trailer Demo Now

If you have projects in rural or remote worksites away from electricity or technology infrastructure throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Northwest Arkansas or North Texas, leasing a security trailer from can be the right security solution for you. We make securing your remote worksite affordable, with fewer upfront costs and a manageable monthly fee so you can preserve your capital, pay your workers and protect your profits. 

We service the greater areas of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas, Ardmore, Lawton, Little Rock, Fayetteville, Springfield, Wichita and Kansas City. If your company needs a security trailer for projects in these areas, contact us today to request a demo. We look forward to speaking with you. 

About Security specializes in theft and vandalism prevention and intervention for commercial and residential construction, with zero tolerance for loss. Our regional service area comprises Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas. Contact us today to request a free demo on our video surveillance trailer products and interactive monitoring service. 

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