Off-Grid Video Surveillance with Monitoring and Response

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Off-grid video surveillance may seem like an elusive service to secure for your worksite. Fortunately, that is not the case; off-grid video surveillance is available to commercial operations doing local eco-friendly projects and remote, rural projects. 

Furthermore, it’s possible to get the power of video surveillance with live monitoring and emergency response. It’s all made possible by portable, solar powered surveillance units from Security Trailers, which are monitored by live remote guards at a UL listed central station. By leasing one of these trailers for your off-grid video surveillance, here is what you can expect. 

Proactive Video Monitoring

Off-grid video surveillance is only effective when the video is being monitored live. That’s what we offer at Security Trailers, with a trained security agent monitoring your video in real time. No matter how remote the location of the trailer, a live agent will spring into action to watch your motion-triggered recording as it captures real time activity. Because your trailer is equipped with four cameras that see for 330 feet, the agent is able to look at the onsite activity from all angles. 

Rest assured, the cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence that can screen out motion caused by animals or the elements. When the motion is caused by a human on the property, your security agent will see it happen and can immediately assess the threat level. 

Live Interactive Response  

If the agent determines the activity happening on the property is a security threat, the next step is delivering a live, interactive response. Using the talk down technology the system is equipped with, the agent will issue a stern warning that the subject onsite will hear through the trailer’s powerful loudspeaker. In most cases, the warning is an effective tool to frighten intruders away. 

Many thieves (especially amateur thieves) are so startled by the idea of a live person watching their activity and interacting with them that they flee the premises immediately — especially when the response is combined with flashing blue and red strobe lights to draw attention to their activity. If theft is their intention, the goal is to get them off the property without taking any of your materials or assets. 

Another advantage of this live response is that the security agent can make a fast determination as to whether law enforcement should be dispatched. If that is the case, then police are more likely to elevate the call in priority because they have video verification of the emergency, which means the possibility of a false alarm has been ruled out. 

Quick Stakeholder Alerts 

When it comes to off-grid video surveillance, your security protocols are likely to be based on research and best practices for your industry. As the customer, you can be alerted quickly by the monitoring center that a security event has taken place, in addition to receiving an alert to your smartphone. From there, you can take action as needed according to your business’ security protocols — whether it means heading to the site to lock up assets, writing a detailed report, or simply watching the video and moving on with your day. 

Strong Demands Met 

In North Texas and the Quad State area, there is strong demand for off-grid video surveillance. There is a massive relocation movement to the region from coastal state dwellers in search of a simpler life, and remote locations being used to meet the demand for housing and economic development. Until electrical infrastructure is in place to support traditional security systems, off-grid video surveillance supported by solar power is the best way to keep these sites secure.

At Security Trailers, our units can be leased over a 12-month period for easy project budgeting. If purchasing a trailer is desired, that is also an option; however, we strongly encourage leasing for optimal cost effectiveness. If you need off-grid video surveillance for multiple sites or one large site, leasing multiple security trailers is also possible. We also have alternate power sources available for low light conditions when solar power is insufficient. 

Request an Off-Grid Video Surveillance Demo 

Security Trailers has the ideal off-grid video surveillance solution to meet your commercial operation’s remote security needs. We specialize in leasing these systems throughout the Quad State area and North Texas. Contact us today to request a detailed, informative demo of our off-grid video surveillance trailers. 

About Security specializes in theft and vandalism prevention and intervention for commercial and residential construction, with zero tolerance for loss. Our regional service area comprises Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas. Contact us today to request a free demo on our video surveillance trailer products and interactive monitoring service. 

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