Where Are Jobsite Cameras Needed Most?

Jobsite cameras
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Jobsite cameras have exploded in popularity for specific environments and industries. Let’s explore what they are, and where they should be used as a reliable, go-to security solution. 

What are Jobsite Cameras?

Jobsite cameras are security cameras mounted over worksites in order to perform video surveillance. They are often 360° cameras, one of the fastest growing surveillance tools on the market. But jobsite cameras don’t necessarily have to fit the common security camera mold. For specific types of sites, they can be mounted on solar powered surveillance trailers. Here are the types of sites that stand to benefit most from mobile, trailer-mounted jobsite cameras. 

Temporary Construction Worksites 

Construction companies largely work on temporary sites. Once a project has concluded, they move on to a new project in a new location. That’s exactly what makes mobile jobsite cameras ideal for the construction industry. Because temporary worksites are unequipped for installed security systems and cameras, trailer-mounted jobsite cameras are the perfect alternative. 

According to data from the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation, contractors place a higher importance on 360° video capture than any other group surveyed. Mobile jobsite cameras can meet this need by containing one or more long range cameras in order to provide 360° coverage of the site. 

As each segment of building is completed, workers can move the jobsite camera unit to the next area of the site. When the entire project is done, the unit can be used at the next jobsite. 

Remote and Rural Locations 

Remote, rurally-located worksites can be hotbeds of theft. Many criminals are under the impression that the further “away from it all” a site is, the less likely it is to be monitored by jobsite cameras and security technology. After all, a rural site is less likely to have access to electricity or another  permanent power source. 

However, these criminals aren’t taking one important factor into account: solar power. The best mobile jobsite cameras can be mounted on trailers with powerful solar panels, eliminating the need for access to power infrastructure.

Solar powered jobsite camera trailers can provide a defense from a variety of resource-draining security breaches, including the theft of lumber, copper, tools, and even livestock

Seasonal and Low Sunlight Sites 

When a seasonal job is in a location deprived of adequate sunlight in the winter, solar powered jobsite cameras can still be the best security solution. To give a trailer-mounted jobsite camera the power boost it needs, there are options available for an additional investment.  These include AC charging and an optional gas generator lease. At Security Trailers, we have both these options available to customers in need of a supplementary power source.  

No matter what type of site our jobsite cameras are used on, live agents monitor each customer’s footage and intervene right away when an intrusion occurs. Security Trailers provides these jobsite cameras with monitoring service throughout the Quad State Area and North Texas. Contact us today if you’d like to request a demo. 

About Security Trailers.com 

SecurityTrailers.com specializes in theft and vandalism prevention and intervention for commercial and residential construction, with zero tolerance for loss. Our regional service area comprises Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and North Texas. Contact us today to request a free demo on our video surveillance trailer products and interactive monitoring service. 

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