Security Trailers


How Security Trailers Help Reduce Theft

It’s important for builders and contractors to protect themselves, their construction sites and their assets from the price-savvy thieves who strike during vulnerable times. When strategically placed on a worksite, our solar-powered video surveillance trailers can substantially reduce the expected loss a company may sustain on a construction project.


Long Range Capabilties

Each of our video surveillance trailers has a range of 330 feet, which ensures that camera visibility is concentrated on high-risk areas. In the average new build residential community, this can cover approximately 15 homes. If more trailers are needed at the same time, the operationalized expense of leasing multiple trailers (which are monitored by a dedicated, responsive central station) is often more cost effective than hiring live security staff. If live guards are present, the trailers can focus on those areas where guards patrol less frequently.

Security Trailers specializes in preventing jobsite theft and vandalism in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Northwest Arkansas and North Texas, also known as the Quad State Area or TOLA. If you are unsure whether we service your area, please contact us.

Security Trailers for Purchase or Lease

Portable Security Trailers

Portability enables you to move the unit throughout your site as needed.

Solar Security Trailers

Powerful solar panels reduce or eliminate your need for an electricity source.

Video Monitoring

Live agents watch your video in real time and dispatch police to your location.

Mobile Viewing of Your Site from Anywhere

With the app from our partners at Davantis, you can access every construction site and perform common actions quickly and easily.


View multiple camera trailers
at once.

Site Management

Arm and disarm input devices.

Theft Prevention

Rampant jobsite theft prompts contractors to factor in a loss of $2,000 per pad. A security trailer can stop thieves in their tracks.

Asset Protection

Assets can range from heavy equipment, to raw materials, to tools. A security trailer protects these investments from jobsite theft.

Overhead Reduction

Preventing theft means preventing higher insurance premiums. Reducing overhead helps contractors protect their bottom lines.

Don't Tolerate Losing Critical Construction Assets For Another Day

Request a Video Security Trailer Demo

When you contact us to request a demo, we will gladly provide more details on buying or leasing our units, in addition to explaining what our monitoring service entails and answering your questions.

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