Solar Powered Trailers

Self Contained, Self Powered Security

One of the most appealing qualities of our security trailers is that they are equipped for solar power. Here are some of the things you can expect and look forward to when using our solar powered trailers for monitored video surveillance.



One frequently asked question about solar powered trailers is whether they require the user to provide their own electricity or an additional power source. When there is adequate sunlight, the  answer is no. Everything from the four cameras, to the colorful strobe lights, to the audio loudspeaker is self-contained and driven by solar power. Because they are powered by the sun, our security trailers can help businesses that are operating within tight budgets get the protection they need, all while reducing overhead and managing their costs. 

Optional Backup

Of course, some locations may lack the sunlight to provide adequate solar power. If a customer will be using our solar powered trailers in a climate zone with insufficient sunlight during the day – or, the crew is working seasonally and will be operating in extended periods of darkness throughout the winter months – then a backup power source may be helpful. The further north a customer’s location is, the more likely it is that they may need to add one of our optional, fuel based generators and/or optional AC charging as a backup. For locations in the Midwest and Southwest, this is less likely. 

Mobile Viewing of Your Site from Anywhere

Those who are unfamiliar with solar power systems may be unaware that solar powered trailers can be managed by mobile app. Just as any hardwired or electronic security system can be accessed by a smartphone app, our solar powered trailers can be as well. During your complimentary demo, we will be glad to show you how to navigate the mobile app for viewing your video and responding to your alarms. 


View multiple camera trailers
at once.

Site Management

Arm and disarm input devices.

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